dcif CI Software Catalog

The very purpose of this software catalog is to support Market and Competitive Intelligence analysts in identifying appropriate software tools for tackling specific, common tasks.
This catalog refers to the MCI Cycle as the main classification means for grouping the various software tools.
The following notes may serve as a guideline to identify the most suitable software category and hence find a proper solution to complete a given task.
Note that a single tool may appear in multiple categories, depending on its scope of application.

  • As a first step in your MCI project, you need to make yourself conscious of how you need to design and structure your project. Furthermore, you will have to apply project managment methods to get the best possible result within a reasonable timeframe. You will find some helpers in the CI Planning category.
  • If you are looking for tools supporting you in gathering information, be it for contentful sources and/or making the process of information collection more efficient, you might discover some hints in the Information collection category.
  • As your research activities progress, you should make sure that no information gets lost and is available for in-depth inspection at any point throughout your project and beyond. Software listed in the Processing and documentation category should help you in this respect.
  • Turning the bits of data uncovered during the research phase into meaningful intelligence is the ultimate goal of any MCI project. Go to Interpretation and analysis to learn about some of the most common analysis models and for some handy tools to make the most out of your quantitative data.
  • Getting across the findings to various audiences at different organizational levels is the final step in the MI Cycle of a project. In the Dissemination category, we have collected some tools that should make it easier for you to convey your message appropriately.

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